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to On The QT #9. It's time. The train may leave if we don't hurry. Time to climb aboard the REFORM. A non partisan response to non partisan corruption: a ride stretching from crony crowded halls of government to drug ridden nabes where bullets fly. But first a word
on everyday citizen


Like lying to inflate real estate values. Or to get a little insurance money. Or ignoring crime. Or letting public spaces and holidays
go to hell--


Summer is a season when urbanites crank AC's and/or fans to drown out boomcars, drunks, fireworks and all too often, gunshots. Punctuated by dog fights and domestic scream fests. Did we
mention motorcycles with a bad tank of gas? But first,


please! These thundering sound trucks make guts churn, dishes rattle and foundations shake. A perfect expression of solipsism au go go, a traveling environment that obliterates everything outside of U.


a day for civic pride. Right? Used to be. Sometimes still is. But for some, the hot weather patriotic holidays are nothing but
celebrations of


An extreme example of the syndrome took place in Jersey City, New Jersey when off duty Police Officer Domenick Infantes was attending a July 4th backyard gathering at a friend's house. Without his gun. Two brothers were blowing off illegal fireworks in a nearby yard. The kind that sound like mortar shells. Neighbors had called in noise complaints. The middle aged cherry bomb twins had a history of such complaints. As well as drug records. A good cop, Infantes went to cool them down. The goons grabbed monogrammed lead pipes from their car trunk and beat unarmed Officer Domenick Infantes to death.


more hazy lazy crazy days of Summer. July 15th, Asbury Park, New Jersey: When GreekFest (an annual Philadelphia based, fraternity and sorority blowout) was cancelled in the faded seaside resort 5000 disappointed students showed up anyway. And trashed the town. Shooting, beating and robbing Asbury Park residents. The small police force was overwhelmed. On "GreekFest" in Asbury Park the social contract was


On hot nights Hell's Kitchen in Manhattan is swamped by booze barn rowdies. Both the East and West Village and Chelsea have fought the problem for years. Hoboken, New Jersey, apres gentrification, saw mile long Washington Avenue (previously a shopping strip) become one long pit stop for drunks slung out in plastic chairs. Lark Street bars in Albany, New York spew party hearty crowds into nearby neighborhoods to howl and urinate under people's windows. During the college year the same city's Quail and Ontario Streets (a student housing area) radiates a mosaic of broken beer bottles that stretches for blocks. In Greeley, Colorado this Spring, 1000 students rioted after a day of boozing. Only one such event among the many that took place nationwide this year. More and more cities are banning the sale of beer at parades and festivals. Pity the guy who wants a cold one with his


Many people who hate bars wanted to live in nabes with a nightlife. But not a nightlife that turns streets into a zoo/toilet. Booze biz reps and their political buddies always paint complaints as the ravings of neo prohibitionists. Or as (horrors) anti-business. Saying "this is part of living in a city". But the ante of destructive behavior, like the decibel level of boomcar sound systems, has risen far beyond what it was in the past. But some folks still cringe when labeled


Like white people who fear knocking boomcars because boomcars began with ghetto kids. A thousand years ago. Wake up and hear the artillery. Boomcars are a cross racial phenomena and a cross racial cause of rage. The rage of those who need sleep to go to work. Or who don't like thundering paeans to rear entry and


Fear of retaliation makes some pretend all's well. But destructive public behavior is a major obstacle to inclusive urban revitalization. As opposed to stockade gentrification for the few. People living in close proximity have to be able to form a consensus and act on value judgements. How long can cities


When a historic open air drug market was busted on Albany's North Swan Street last Summer, it was hoped the arrest of its alleged prime movers, the Robinson brothers, would quell the trade. But a recent street sweep by the Albany police bagged a hefty mix of buyers and sellers. The question is: who are the dealers? Robinson cohorts stepping up to the plate? Or commanded from jail? Independent entrepreneurs in cheek by jowl competition for a hot corner? Or perhaps a rival organization profiting from the Robinson removal? As Mayor Jerry Jennings sez: stay tuned. The answer may emerge in another decade or two. Now for good


Specifically, the investigative, pro legalization site of Al Giordano, who recently faced Mexican bank Bannamex biggie Roberto Hernandez in court in Manhattan. (See QT #7). In July, The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a noted advocate of civil liberties in cyberspace, filed a court brief in support of Narco News. The first court appearance looked good for Narco News. Fingers crossed. Check out the latest at: http://www.narconews.com.


Feminist activist and attorney Sandy Baird, who contributed "Progressive Heaven" to QT #8, will now be a regular contributor. Her next article "Prog vs. Poor" will appear in QT #10. Another
new feature:


Five Finger Discount/Helene Stapinski/Random House

A vivid tale of growing up in Jersey City in its dwindling industrial days. Born into a casually larcenous, working class family, Stapinski became a reporter and columnist for The Jersey Journal. She crusaded for cleaner government in a city where corruption is a tradition. An old timer via birth and a new timer via profession, her moral/social conflicts are movingly described. She also paints an unforgettable picture of the horrors of "Gold Coast" development. Like the rats that ran through Newport Mall and emerged from downtown toilets. She also nails ex-mayor and convicted felon Jerry McCann in all his red faced con man on a god trip glory.

7 Myths Of Gun Control/Richard Poe/Forum

Richard Poe, who edited NYC's downtown art scene house organ "The East Village Eye" in the 1980's, now edits David Horowitz's controversial neocon website FrontPage Magazine. Jaw slings anyone? 7 Myths is a well reasoned challenge to the most common arguments made in support of gun control. Mr. Poe makes his case based on moral conviction and is particularly compassionate towards residents of neighborhoods where police protection is at best, minimal. His research is thorough, resulting in fascinating examinations of societies that do and don't practice gun control. Think anti-gun England is a tight little crime free island? Think again. Which is what this book may cause you to do. Even if your fix on this subject is writ in stone, you should probably familiarize yourself with its arguments. You don't want to get caught unarmed...

NEXT QT, #10!

will appear on August 26th, a week later than usual. Even QT goes on vacation. Be ready for an in depth look at shallow Bret Schundler's sack race for New Jersey Governor, an introduction to the search engine "Crime Spider", Drug Gangs Go to the Races, Cement Job Shutdown and more Laff Clowns Laff Corruptoid Capers.


Mafia Site

A detailed historical overview of the Mob, bringing together multitudinous facts from in print sources. A good research site-- recommended for those who want to sort out the Gambinos from the Genovese. Well organized and user friendly.

Gang Wars

Filled with fascinating facts about gang culture. Excellent in all ways. A thorough explanation of origins and types of activity. The section on graffiti has a code breakdown that will make you view those squiggles on the corner mailbox in a whole new way. Not only an informative site, but a very intelligent one. Slang changes quickly, so the slur is no doubt passť, but at one point The Crips and The Bloods referred to each other as The Crabs and The Slobs. Out of the mouths
of thugs...

"Th-th-th-th-that's all folks!"

Porky Pig, A Post-Apocalyptic Approach to New Urbanism

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